This year I will make no resolutions. I don’t want to look over my shoulder once more and discover that I didn’t accomplish a single of the intended changes. Every year people reach out for a magic wand that will turn around their life without much difficulty. Some will decide to quit a habit, others to create a different life style. For example my neighbor has decided to save money to go to Europe, and a friend wants a new house.

I remember other years when by the end of February , all will power had left my friends and I exhausted and feeling incapable of making real changes.

Instead of accumulating more and more ideas, possessions, acquain-tances, I have decided to value the ones I already have and let go of the ones who were only occupying bulk space in my life.

An indigenous man from La Sierra once said that he felt very sorry for his ‘small siblings’ (us), who were so enslaved by the things they thought they owned. He felt free to share God’s given land, water and nature with anyone around him. He knew those things were there before he arrive, and they would outlive him.

His life, he said, was a challenging but peaceful journey through God’s paradise. Trying to keep a plant or an animal was a rupture of the sacred link that joins us all.

After listening to him, I said to myself: “How easy, but would I adjust to having no boundaries?” My culture has taught me to impose on myself and upon others limits that define each one of us.

I am aware that I can not be a ‘native’, but I want to learn to carry less, be limited by less, and be more engaged with life.

So, just for today I will enjoy the day. I will work for justice. I will hear the music coming from the people. I will marvel at the ways in which God works. Tomorrow ?... I am creating part of it right now, with my present. Have a wonderful each one of the 365 days of the year 2002!