The possibility of war is awakening the conscience of the people. Everywhere in the globe people have gathered to let the rulers know that they are against the war. This weekend thousands of people throughout the world protested and marched together carrying signs against the war. Others, more bluntly read: “No blood for oil”, or “War hurts the poor”.

In United States people from all walks of life gathered in the big and small cities with similar intentions and signs.

Does it come a time when democratic governments are not representative of the will of the people?

Has there come a time when people realize that they have lost control of the decision making and they ca be sent to war and misery without their consent?

The people in this country have started to ask hard questions

-¿When did the conflict with Alkaida, change into a conflict with Sadam Hussein?

-¿ Have the UN inspector found any nuclear or biological arms in Iraq? And if they have not, then why is the US military deploying more people and equipment to that region?

-¿ Is North Korea the next one in the list?

_ ¿ How much money has been taken from housing, health, insurance coverage, education, job creation in order to increase the military budget?

¿ Who makes the arms in the United States? ¿Where do they sell them besides the US military? Are countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Korea, Colombia, Venezuela on their list?

Have you asked yourself those questions? Have you talked to others about it?

Bad times bring people together. This is a time in United States when many individuals are realizing that they are members of a collective community. We depend on each other not only in this country but around the globe as well.

In the times of darkness, even a small light can be seen from far away. Would you like to be one of those lights?

If we start to hear each other we will find new ways to solve problems. If we hear from others in other settings, we will learn how other cultures solve their problems. There is more than one way of looking at things and ours may not be the best.

The next demonstration will be in February Be ready to let your voice be heard.