The year 2004 continues to bring confusing political elements as in the two previous years.

President Bush, who previously had been against any type of amnesty for immigrants, now is proposing a temporary three years visa for undocumented workers in the United States. Several things have not been explained concerning this proposed policy.

First, under the assumption that there are jobs that Americans do not want to do, it means that foreigners should be jumping with joy for the crumbs that those jobs represent.

The truth is that the jobs created have a very low remuneration, while the high technical jobs are being exported to places like India. According to the media, the State of Indiana has contracted technical computer capacity with companies from India.

The United States has been changing from an industrial country to a soft economy, or an economy of services. Among the few solid and strong industries that remains is the war related industry and some of the food and drug industries.

Otherwise, you only have to go to places like Wal-Mart, look at the labels and the entire world comes before your eyes; dresses, pants, shirts, shoes, appliances, computers, etc, come from China, Pakistan, Honduras, and so on.

Many factories have closed, and the workers at those factories, like it happened with the Bayer workers in Elkhart, had to take $8 or $10 per hour positions, which represented half or one third of what they used to get before. Where are the jobs for those unemployed by factory closings or displacement?

How many members of a family have to work at $7 per hour in order to support a family, pay rent or a mortgage, insurance and food? Years ago, families were supported by only one member. Nowadays, not even when both parents work, can they make ends meet.

On the other hand, if an undocumented worker has lived in this country for more than five years, it is probable that he/she, has a steady job, a stable family, they have bought a house, the kids are in school, and they are paying debt. If they accept this 3-year temporary resident’s visa, after three years, when the government orders them, do they just drop everything and go? And if so, where do they go?

Will they risk, what they have accomplished for a 3 year heaven? I have serious doubts about that. If the 3-year visa is for new residents, how will this take care of the 8 million undocumented the census mentions?

As I said at the beginning there is a lot of confusion in the new policies. It seems that it will have to be accepted in faith, like it has been accepted that the war was necessary. Or was it? Or was the purpose to bring down Sadam? But he has been captured already, so why does not the war stop? Or were tthe young people in this country eager to go to war, but now some of them do not want to remain in the service even though they have been offered raises and bonuses ? Others are committing suicide. Why is this happening?

What is one supposed to think about all these mixed signals? Is Bush telling the ‘truth’ again. Or is this a political move to get his way, in this case the Latino vote for the coming elections?