By José Emilio Pérez Guzmán

Madness dominates our world today. Reason, logic and common sense have gone on vacation leaving their place to egotism and self-interest. All that we have to do to understand this is to listen to the news and observe what is happening around us everyday.

The United States, a nation once proud of having a government of the people, for the people and by the people, today has a government of the very rich, for the very rich and by the very rich. It’s people will not understand this while their government, that will not fund public hospitals and condemns welfare, gives away billions to the very people who ruined the country, to keep them in their positions so that they can continue, thanks to their love of money and their incompetence, ruining the country.

It’s a wonder how fast we forget what we learned in school. We forgot what real capitalism was like, where private companies competed among themselves giving us a quality product for a cheaper price. We forgot that when the US grew onto a world potency, an inefficient company went bankrupt to be replaced with another, more efficient and productive company, just as it still occurs with any small company that fails even today. That practice has been abandoned today to favor inefficient monopolies whose products are deficient and expensive, made by slave labor in third world countries; that local industries are

disappearing should not be a surprise, that is something that perhaps pleases the world shakers since to them that is the way to get rid of the expensive workers in the nation, the final destruction of the unions and, because they have no imagination, a way to improve their profits.

If the new president of the United States is what used to be called a patriot and an honest man he would nationalize the failing companies and would put then in the hands of their workers, giving them the responsibility of making their companies productive in all senses under a cooperative arrangement instead of giving away billions of public funds to the very people who have ruined our economy. Now we have to wait to see if the new president is the person he projected in his campaign or if he is another enemy of humanity that will deserve more than a shoe in his face for the crimes committed under his leadership.

Meanwhile, locally, we continue with our madness. The world belongs to the mad and because of that we will get what we deserve. Instead of improving our government and facilitating the development of a people’s government, we decided to trust the old political parties. Perhaps it’s because a leader who can capture the people’s imagination and heart has not appeared. In truth that is something very difficult since our people have allowed its will to be reduced to the will of slaves that do only what their masters allow. We will continue from master to master until the situation turns so sick and destructive that the madness that generated the French Revolution occurs here.

The world belongs to the mad, but there is a little genius, madness and poetry in each of us. Let us wait and see what we will do when the next political upheaval hits us in the face.