Where do people get the power to rule over others? Who or what gives them the power?

When someone is ‘elected’ to a position it has taken the effort of many to place him or her in that position. Regardless of his or her performance that person has to be accountable to those who made it possible to have reached a powerful position.

The people in the United States are rejoicing and celebrating their decision that has made it possible for Barack Obama to become the next president of the United States.

There is a saying: “People have the rulers they deserve”. Many times mistakes are made and people have to regret their vote such is the case with the 8 years of George W. Bush as president of the United States, a fact that people here and abroad regretted.

There was such a rejection for politics as ‘usual’ that in this past election thousands of individuals from all walks of life actively participated and struggled to have their voices heard.

The majority chose Obama, but the responsibility does not cease there. On the contrary, after the party and the multiple celebrations where so much is spent, there comes the time of working at all levels to make possible the changes that most are asking for.

One man cannot do the task, nor is he called to do it. Fortunately, there are citizens everywhere who have decided to be part of the change and are positively influencing others to be part of it.

The entire world will pass judgment not only on Obama, but also on everyone who lives here and has had the chance to share the opportunities that this country offers. They will also be watching the war record, the aggressions towards others or participation in any wrongdoing that affects the lives of people elsewhere.

People are waiting for a time of peace where no more arms are sold and used against others.

People are hoping for a chance for decent living and the right to education and health care for all.

Families are expecting a change in the economy that will let them keep their homes and will provide new jobs with fair salaries.

Young people want to be able to further their education without having to compromise their most productive years paying off loans.

The wish list is long and the needs are many, yet we have to be patient, constructive in our comments and participation and also willing to walk the extra mile with people we do not necessarily agree with. It is in the hands on experience of dialoguing and working with others where we can make a new dream come true.

I know that locally there are people talking and working towards that goal. I expect that much of the same is happening everywhere.

This time is crucial because the next generations are watching how we behave, how we spend, how we share. They learn by example, if the moral values erode it is our fault.

If young people feel that drugs and entertainment are the way to escape from this reality, then we have failed them.

We can invite youth and children to walk this new path and learn from each other.

Even though this is a very well thought out issue for some, for others is a matter of the heart.

The heart does not acknowledge borders, or time and does not allow fear. It also does not permit pushing or coercion, because it is free and that is what we want most for all.