How to get textbooks for less

Just in time to order textbooks for my son’s second semester at Indiana University South Bend, I heard about

It’s an online textbook rental site. Chegg claims to save customers between 65 and 85 percent compared with the price of purchasing textbooks.

In my son’s case, we saved about 50 percent. Ordering books is pretty simple. You just enter the ISBN number (or title) of each book you’re looking for and up pops the rental price.

The books will be delivered to your home in about a week.

When you’re ready to send the books back, just log onto your Chegg account and print out a free UPS shipping label, pop the used books back into the box they were delivered in and you’ll be good to go.

Chegg also partners with American Forest Global ReLeaf Project and plants a tree for every book rented, bought or sold through the site.

Have you ever used Chegg or any other online textbook rental site? If so, how was your experience?

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