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Resolutions are made thinking of long roads ahead and in doing so maybe we forget that a new cycle begins every day. Every moment is an opportunity to recognize the endless Cycle of Life.

We separate days to celebrate and regular routine days, but people who have been in an accident that changed their lives forever, know that in one moment life can change forever. Usually after that kind of impact an individual changes his/her ways. Why is it then that on a daily basis we consider life not as sacred but as a common daily routine,

New Year’s Day gives us the opportunity to celebrate and begin again. Nevertheless after a week into the year, the impulse begins to wear off and we go back to being fearful, angry and therefore stressed. That means that after a few days we start to let go of Life!

We give up on ourselves and others, and that’s why resolutions do not work.

One can promise to give up alcohol, smoking, overeating or any other thing as if the problem came from the outside, but it is our way of looking at things that comes from inside that can turn us back to life.

Twenty-two years ago in March of 1992, I embarked on serving the Lord by working at El Puente. In my office hangs a poster made by me many years ago that says: ‘The owner of this Enterprise is God, I only work here’. Throughout these years I have been more or less faithful to that saying. Whenever I lost track of the joy of serving, I was reminded of the reason to work and how to do it.

In all these years, many times as a team, El Puente has faced moments of triumph and times of scarcity and difficulties. Our translation, information and distribution services have been used to reach the Latino population. We publish twice a month. We have had been publishing for the past 21 years without ever missing a publication date until now.

We also have supported all the causes geared to helping the community in general, showing positive aspects of both the Latino and Anglo communities. We have put especial emphasis on children and young people studying, always encouraging them to continue studying and go further in their schooling.

The newspaper supports itself through advertisements. The past three years have been especially difficult. Many Spanish and English language newspapers gave up during these last years. Somehow we have survived, but we need the support of all those who feel that this effort has been and continues to be important. Now that locally financial things are starting to look better, we hope to be riding that wave also.

I am aware of the fact that most readers have many important things to do, but I am asking you to send us a word of support, encouragement, advice or criticism. We have always hoped to work with and for the people. If you want to contribute to this effort, please let us know at You can also write to P.O.Box 553 Goshen, In 46527.

We have had many wonderful and very gifted collaborators. I have enjoyed and learned from all the individuals who have collaborated with us and continue to do so. I have prayed for this effort, but most of all I have prayed to be able to hear what we are supposed to do. I will accept God’s will for this enterprise.

It has been a blessing and honor to have worked for you. We are accepting with joy the new Cycle.




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