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Where do Dreamers go once they fulfill their first dream?

It all depends on where the original dream was based.

For some who already have their documents, social security number, drivers license, and a job- they made it! Now is the time to earn all that was denied before, travel as you never could before and accumulate as it was very difficult to do before.

For others, getting their documents is just passing the first hurdle. If you just graduated from high school, want to go to college and suddenly realize that you will not qualify to pay in-state tuition, then most of your dream is already broken.

Some states already have laws concerning this situation and are in favor of letting long time residents, who have graduated from state high schools, take advantage of the in-tuition. Indiana is not one of them.

Therefore, many dreamers are currently supporting and advocating for Achieve Tuition Equity (in-state), Act of 2014. Through that act it is also expected that the American Dream Grant program will begin to offer financial aid to states that are offering in state tuition rates to undocumented students.

These young adults have shown courage confronting the unfair justice and immigration system that places people in a subhuman category. They have been at the forefront of the immigration reform battle and have been resourceful and creative in their ongoing effort to call all members of society to a dialogue about the issue.

Dreamers have staged sit ins, and protests. They have asked congress members to listen to their arguments and have engaged many of them in extensive dialogues.

It is because of their example and action that many other segments of society have moved to support their cause and have made immigration reform a must on the agenda everywhere.

For those who are already studying, it means that they have had to carry a double agenda. They have to be very successful in their studies, and also dedicate time and energy to move forward the immigration issues that hurt families.

They want to be able to have a legal residence, and also advocate for a migratory status for their relatives and many other undocumented people in the country.

According to Sen. Patty Murray (D. Wash), “All qualified students should have the same opportunities to get a college degree, regardless of their immigration status”, “Undocumented students are no different than their classmates. They live in the same towns, attend the same schools, and share the same dreams- and they deserve an equal chance to go to college and start successful careers in this country.”

Surveys have shown that most Americans want a solution to the immigration issue.

Maybe the fact is that most teachers who have contributed to the formation of those students, feel that it would be a waste of their time and effort to not take advantage of the ‘product’ they helped create. I wonder if the many other people who have also contributed to the well being and education of these young people in small towns and big cities all over United States, are also in agreement.

How can you explain to all other young people, that in this land of justice, now this segment of society who played according to the established rules, and who have been their classmates, neighbors and friends, will be treated different, and will not have the same opportunities.

It should be noted that the Dreamers who currently are bravely facing this next battle expect that all others who have benefited from the recent DACA solution will join once more the ranks of those fighting for a better future.





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