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  • Edición impresa de Enero 20, 2015

During the cold and dead like time of January, one has to remember that is only part of the cycle and soon enough trees and plants will look alive again. Nature provides an invitation to keep alive until better times arrive. There is desolation not only in the landscape, but also worldwide. Everyday people are being killed with out reason. Young people and even children have been killed because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

A new year has started bringing with it all the problems from the previous year. We have to remind ourselves that individuals are trying to change, but systems are not. Common people receive a lot of information and are ordered to comply with many rules, but the ones making the rules do not have to obey them. For instance, an individual is not supposed to burn leaves in his backyard. If he/she does it, they may get fined. You also will be fined if you throw trash in the river. Many of these rules that are enforced on the public in general are not applied to factories that pollute the air and water. If they get caught, their lawyers find ways to avoid any or most consequences for their behavior.

If an individual does not file taxes or does not report every cent earned, he/she will face the consequences. This does not happen to the big corporations that have safe haven spots abroad, where they keep their money out of the reach of taxation.

When it comes to information the general public is flooded with a continuous repetition of the latest event, always framed within the information provided to mold the ideas of the general public.

For instance, there was extensive news coverage of the case of the 43 students that disappeared in Iguala, Mexico. It was repeated thousands of times how they we taken by the police never to be seen again.

For Mexicans this was the tip of the iceberg. They live with the loss of thousands of persons who have disappeared in the last 10 years, both nationals and foreigners of both sexes and all ages.

Why is there so much violence in Mexico? Depending on who offers the analysis the answers include drug trafficking, government corruption, poverty, political violence, etc.

Some people have gone deeper; they say that both drug traffic and military and police forces are the cause of the unsolved murders and disappearances.

Remember the illusionist trick? The magician calls attention to one hand while it is the other one doing the trick!

The so-called third world countries like Mexico have always been blessed and cursed by the enormous amounts of natural resources. Mining is one the most prevalent and yet less known by the general public. Since the time of the conquest, Europe and now Canada, US and China have been extracting minerals and taken them out of the country, without remotely benefiting the nationals.

Canadian mining corporations - with wealth created from the historic (and ongoing) take-over and exploitation of Indigenous territory in Canada - are at the lead of these colonizing forces in present day Mexico

Important changes to the Mexican Constitution in anticipation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) resulted in the facilitation of land privatization and the entry of foreign corporations. Local communities are often the last to find out about mining projects and are hardly ever informed about the projected effects of mining operations on their land and their health. For example, from 2003 to 2006, the federal government has granted a total of 72 mining concessions in Chiapas, representing a total of 727,435 hectares. More than 85% of the mining in Mexico is the hands of Canadian mining corporations.

The displacement of peasants and indigenous people plus the hiring of militias to protect the corporations rights produces an alliance of armed groups, police and military forces, trained and armed by foreign countries, in order to control the complaints from the rightful owners of the land.

The problem then may not be just drugs, but the ongoing robbery of resources in Mexico as well as in other countries in the Americas and Africa.

There will be a spring for the third world countries after the dormant phase of nature.




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