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Four Latin American Children Say All We Want for Christmas

Raleigh, NC – While millions of children across the USA are dreaming of Christmas morning and the presents that will be around their tree---The Yanez children Leslie 14yrs, Yaretzi 3yrs, and twins Bladimir & Yahir only want their mother’s Freedom.

Mrs. Blanca Yanez has resided in the USA for 20 years, has no criminal record, and has raised her family to be a good American Family.  Back in September of 2015 Mrs. Yanez had a routine appointment to complete her step for Legal Permanent Residency and was denied re-entry because back in 1998 she returned to Mexico for about a month which triggered a permanent bar from the USA.

Leslie Yanez the 14 year old daughter of Blanca Yanez said, “All I am asking with my entire heart for Christmas is for Immigration to please not take my take my mother away. Please President Obama and Senator Tillis Please help us keep our mother. My mother is not a criminal she is our mom and we need her to stay safe in our home in the USA.”

Back on November 21, 2015 the family suffered a horrific tragedy where their 19 year old son Eddie Yanez was killed in an automobile accident while the mother was in Mexico because she was barred from returning to USA.

Blanca Yanez, while barred from USA, was staying in Guerrero Mexico with her 3yr old US Citizen child in a region that is notoriously know for drug trafficking and much violence.  Latino leaders say there are reports of cartels kidnapping US children for money.  They say the children of Blanca Yanez would live in imminent danger and should not have to reside in Mexico.

Bladimir Yanez 6yrs old said, “Nothing I want nothing for Christmas only my Mommy. Please don’t take my mommy away.”

Yanez Immigration Law represents Blanca Yanez and has stated that if DAPA were in place that the mother would qualify for this program and the family would not have to suffer.  DAPA is a discretionary form of immigration relieve.  To qualify for DAPA: you must have been physically present in the United State since January 1, 2010. Currently this proposed law is in the Supreme court and millions of families await this much needed form of relief.

Julie Contreras of the League of Latin American Citizen Immigration Committee in IL was contact by the Yanez children said, “The Yanez children are like millions of US Children around the USA. These children are American Citizens who have the right to live in basic freedom with their mother and father in their country.  We stand in solidary with the Yanez children and we make a respectful plea to USCIS to extend Humanitarian Parole for this mother and allow her an opportunity to place her case before the USA Immigration Courts.”

Blanca Yanez attorney has filed a request for extension of Humanitarian Parole that was granted so Mrs. Yanez could attend her son’s funeral.  LULAC Immigration Committee will present Director Lisa Wohlrab with a request and sending the same to the Obama Administration on behalf of the four American Citizen children.

The Yanez Children, Latino Leaders and friends will gather in a peaceful prayer vigil in front of the USCIS office asking for an Extension of their Mother’s Humanitarian Parole to be granted.



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