United States is experiencing growing pains. Part of the dilemma is whether to accept that a change has occurred and that we all have to make adjustments to it.

After having an ever expanding immigration, the country has to face the fact that the people who came are working and enriching the country. The other side of this situation is that the newcomers are no longer new. Many of them have been here long enough to become citizens, and therefore able to participate in every nomination of candidates and voting that takes place in the country.

In other instances, we are talking about second and third generations that have made this their country and want to participate in the electoral process.

Both major parties are flirting with or openly calling on Latinos to be part of their party. Maybe some of the politicians expect these voters to be silent partners in the process. That has been a fact for a long time, yet nowadays there are an increasing number of Latinos participating at all levels and wanting to voice the Latino’s concerns and their points of view.

Until recently Indiana did not have to mind this issue since the migration to this area was small. That has changed and Indiana has a growing Hispanic presence not only coming from abroad, but also of Latinos who have relocated.

In the specific case of the northern part of Indiana there has been hardly any Latino presence in the administration of cities and towns.

That is why it is very encouraging to see people like Joe Guerrero step in to start filling that void. Guerrero is running for County Council in Elkhart. We hope to see many more Latino names in future nominations.

It is our hope too that voting may not be the only right that as citizens the Latinos exercise. There has to be a continuous participation in the cities administrations in order to be part of the decision making. Instead of distancing ourselves from what takes place and then criticize the results, we are called to be part of a community engaged in growing along with others.

It is going to be uncomfortable for many, but that is part of growing up. Everybody has to make changes and adjust to the new responsibilities and possibilities.