There are many things that one can find in United States. Many years ago it was difficult to find food from other countries in small towns in US. Even in places as cosmopolitan like New York, finding items from Mexico, Argentina, or Guatemala was a task. You were able to find them at high priced restaurants, or exclusive places but certainly not at the local store.

When I came back to the states in 1990, Mexicans couldn’t find tortillas in Goshen, Indiana. There were only about three stores in a four or five counties area where one could find tortillas.

Not only tortillas were scarce. You could hardly hear anyone speaking Spanish, nor did you find places that serviced people in that language.

Little by little I started to see more and more Latino faces populating this area and suddenly even the Anglo stores decided to sell tortillas and Chihuahua cheese.

The employers needed workers and the people needed work. Along with their capability to work, they brought their traditions, their language and their food.

You can find tortillas everywhere now, even at gas stations stands. Most people talk about tacos and tortillas, and even the fast food restaurants try to turn from hamburgers to gorditas, “wraps” and other tortilla bound food items.

Most Mexicans keep eating their food, the Spanish language has increased its influence in the entire US and it goes as far as Canada.

Lately when I meet people from places very far North I ask: “Do they sell tortillas there?” Their immediate answer is “Yes!”

When I hear that answer the image that comes to me is one of brown faces, with inner strength. The people had to leave their land due to economical forces.

When I hear the Spanish language, see the tortillas and see their faces I think:” This the silent revolution of the tortilla”. Little by little the peoples whose ancestors inhabited much of the land, are coming back to the territory, and in doing so, they are contributing the bread of corn, that is linked to their way of life on the sacred earth.

Now not only the mestizos but also the indigenous peoples of the Americas are coming to US. Globalization is throwing them out of their land, but there are other ways of conquering.

Every conqueror should know that in the end the people conquer them. Maybe this is something to remember now when there is so much talk about war.