U.S. Census Bureau to Count Americans in France, Kuwait and Mexico

The Commerce Department’s Census Bureau said today it will conduct test censuses in France, Kuwait and Mexico in 2004 as the first step toward determining the feasibility of counting Americans overseas in the 2010 Census.

In the 1990 and 2000 censuses, only federal civilian employees and U.S. military and their dependents living overseas were included in the count, which used administrative records from the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. These counts then were added to those of United States residents to apportion the U.S. House of Representatives.

In the 2004 Overseas Enumeration Test, the Census Bureau, through partner organizations and English-language media in each of the three countries, will mount a publicity campaign to inform people how they can participate.

U.S. citizens living in the three countries may request that a questionnaire be mailed to their overseas address. In addition, Americans overseas may pick up questionnaires at embassies and consulates or from partner organizations that serve Americans overseas. They also may respond to the census via the Internet.

The countries in the 2004 test were selected for their geographic diversity, as well as for the large numbers of Americans retirees, students and business people residing in large and small towns within their borders.