Leap Program

By Matthew Bell

Many of you have traveled a long way and have overcome many hardships to make Noble County your home. At LEAP of Noble County, the Literacy Empowering and Advocating Project, we want to make it possible for you and your family to enjoy all the benefits that our community has to offer. We want to help you learn to speak with your children’s teachers, and doctors. We want to enable you to stand up for your rights, and the rights of your family. We want to help you gain a better understanding of our community. The first step is to help you learn to speak, read, and write in English, and LEAP will help you do that.

The purpose of LEAP of Noble County is to help you learn so that you can have better jobs, better access to services, and a better life for your family. LEAP is a place where learning lasts a lifetime. We offer programs for adults and for children. We encourage you to spend time learning with your family, and we ask you to make education a priority in your home. At LEAP, we have programs that will help you learn to read, write, and speak English. We have programs that will help you obtain your GED. We offer homework help and tutoring services to schoolchildren and adults. We offer our services free of charge. The only cost for our service is your commitment to create a better life for your family.

We have three programs in Ligonier. We have an English class, which meets at Templo Betel on Thursday nights from 6:30-9. We have two English classes that meet every Saturday at St. Patrick’s Church from 9am-12pm. One is for advanced students, and one is for beginners. We provide childcare during the classes at St. Patrick’s. We also have a family literacy class which meets at Ligonier United Methodist every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 11:30-3 pm. There is childcare available at Ligonier United Methodist. We also offer an English class at the Kendallville Library on Wednesday nights from 5-8. There is childcare offered during that class as well. You can join our classes at any time. We have great teachers who are willing to help you set and reach goals. We also have a learning center in Albion, which is open Monday-Thursday from 9a-8:30 pm, and Friday from 9a-5pm. At the Learning Center, we offer tutoring and homework help for you and your children. We have shelves full of books that we invite you to take home with you. We ask that you use those books to read with your family. Research has proven that families that learn together learn the most. Please take the first step to creating a better life for your family by coming to a LEAP program.

We are here to serve you and to help you. Lionel Garcia, a Mexican-American author wrote, “I portray the Mexican-American in a good light, as a human being just as human as anyone else. I also portray him with dignity, the same dignity that all mankind possesses.” You will always be treated with dignity and respect at LEAP of Noble County. I am glad that you are a part of our community, and we want to help you take advantage of all the good things we have to offer in Noble County. We look forward to learning from you and to helping you learn.