There is no such thing as no participation. When a person does not participate actively in something, it means that he or she is in agreement with what is happening.

The massive participation throughout the world in demonstrations against the war was a way of saying we do not agree with killing others. We do not agree to this war against Iraq.

Nevertheless after the demonstrations, Mr. Blair, England’s Prime Minister appeared on T.V. to state: “ 1 million persons in a demonstration do not express the will of the entire nation”. In this way in which we can clearly see that the people who did not participate in the demonstration automatically were counted as pro-war.

In the following days is crucial that those who have questioned themselves about the war with Iraq have a clear view of their position and that they may act in consequence.

The inspectors sent to Iraq have declared that they have found NO arms of nuclear destruction. France, Russia, China and Germany among other countries have asked for more time for the inspectors, but there is a persistent push for war coming from the Bush administration and the Prime Minister of England.

Perhaps this world situation is showing us that we must become involved in all processes. It is important to participate not only when a war situation appears; it is also important to be part of the school system, the neighborhood committees, and any type of association with others that seeks dialogue in order to find solutions.

Right now, El Puente reaches several cities in the Michiana area. In every one of them there are groups that look for the improvement of their city. If we learn to express our opinions and hear others opinions, we can become better parents, friends, workers, etc.

This is a time in history when your participation is needed. If you care about your future and the future of the next generations, please, inform yourself and be part of an active dialogue in this time of crisis.

For those who feel that Christians should not speak out or be part of movements, I would like to quote: Romans 12:2, “ And be not conformed to this world; but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,.”