Magicians have a way of diverting your attention to where the real action is taking place. Right now I feel like many of us are attending a great magical show. We are fixed in the daily events surrounding the pre-election candidates, while the policies that dominate the world panorama are activated and creating more and more hardship to people everywhere in the globe.

For example, while the people here follow the incidents of the campaign, the latest news is about Michael Jackson and whether his sister bared one her breasts during the superbowl. In other parts of the planet democracy and the possibility of survival becomes more remote. Argentina had its diplomatic sedes in several countries confiscated by its multiple creditors. (So much for sovereignty abroad).

In Venezuela the currency went down and it now is 1975 bolivars for one dollar. In the United States people are becoming aware of the term ‘outsourcing’. Such a sophisticated word means that your middle class job no longer exists here because someone in India, or some other country has taken it.

The multinationals that make the decisions for all these events have no loyalty to any particular country. If its estimates indicate that their budget can benefit from cheap labor elsewhere, then that is the decision to make. Do you think that exporting those jobs is going to benefit the countries abroad? No, on that is not the case. The workers in other countries will have the same responsibilities as if they were here, but only one tenth of the salary and probably no benefits.

All the comfort that comes from buying cheap unnecessary items at places like Wal-Mart, means that children and poor women are probably working for you and at the same time they are living in the greatest poverty. Do we take into consi-deration that if a sweatshirt is $7 at the store, it means that the shirt seamstress does not get that much money in a month?

In the following months we will continue to be served ‘information’ about the candidates; are you aware of their political platforms? How will they actually implement their plans? Instead we from scandal to scandal forever following the magic, full of color and sound effects provided by the common media.

Lately iti has been difficult to discern whether the candidates have life different in essence from the movie stars or the singers.

I am interested in knowing if the war is going to stop. I want to know if the commercial investments in countries like Iraq, Venezuela, Colombia and many others are going to continue to be supported by the military industry of the United States. I want to know if there is any plan for United States to become part of the signors of the control of nuclear arms, environmental controls and health coverage for all.

I want to see that the vital information about decisions goes to the public in a timely and responsible way and not obscured by the show of lights.

I do enjoy magicians. They play an ancient art that plays to your senses and your imagination; I would not want them to be in charged of my family, my care or myself.

There is a time for entertainment, and a time for thinking and reflecting. We cannot do that if the appropriate information has not been presented to us.