F. Suarez del Solar: On the Inauguration of Mr. Bush

Today I must declare my objection to the inauguration of Mr. Bush as president of the United States.

In a weeklong celebration that cost more than $40 million, Mr. Bush displays his arrogance and presumption and thereby insults millions of poor children around the world. He also insults the US soldiers who bravely fulfill their obligation, for we must remember that they still lack the proper protective equipment in Iraq. Nevertheless, money flows freely for the kingly coronation of one of this era’s most criminal politicians.

In several of his speeches this week, Mr. Bush has thanked our soldiers and their families for their sacrifice. And what sacrifice has he made for our nation? Which member of his family is fighting the war on terror? Which member of his administration has sacrificed for our freedom and democracy? One hesitates to mention democracy given that his reelection is marred by shady electoral “mistakes.” One hesitates to mention freedom when police, soldiers, and other security forces block real Americans from demonstrating in our nation’s capital.

Bush also has said that now is the time for unity. Yes, it is time for unity since more than any previous president in history he has divided the nation with fear and lies. It is time to unite against this administration that today seeks to initiate four more years of criminal attacks around the world. His new secretary of state says that now is the time for diplomacy. After more than 1300 young men and women killed and more than 100,000 dead Iraqis, she admits that they made a mistake, that the famous weapons of mass destruction never existed, and that now what is needed is diplomacy. This is an insult to our children, whose deaths they are responsible for. It is an insult to the global community that, according to international polls, believes a second Bush administration endangers the entire world. Everyday we are more exposed to terrorist attack as a result of Bush’s criminal behavior.

Today is a historic day because the whole world will raise its voice in protest against George W Bush.



Que dios les bendiga.

Atentamente: Fam. Suarez del Solar.

• Padres del “GUERRERO AZTECA” •

Jesus Alberto Suarez del Solar Navarro Lance Corporal USMC

1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Marine Division