United States has wonderful people. People who are incredible generous and concerned about the well being of others. I admire the civic spirit always community oriented, and the ingenious way in which problems are approached.

I have seen how quickly they organize to gather help for victims of tsunamis, floods, earthquakes and other disasters anywhere in the world.

The next step in been more effective in their generosity would be to make the true information about the situations be available to the common people. For example, last week as I shared with a group of very active citizens about the Plan Colombia. As I mentioned that Colombia is among the ten biggest oil exporters to US, I found out that many of them thought the problem was drugs and not OIL. For several years many people have announced that Colombia is going to be the next Iraq. The billionaire “aid” sent to the country in this past five years has been invested in US training and arms.

At the local level, I have seen how individuals belong to many organizations and committees that seek a better life for the community. There are advocates for refugees, immigrants, sick and the poor. In fact the US is a nation full of very busy people trying to compensate the ills of an unbalanced budget.

Currently once more the US administration has announced a cut to social welfare programs in favor of defense expenditure. This budget cuts and orientation affects us all.

Locally the people are going to suffer the consequences of lack of resources to provide for them. We will see a decrease in the quality of life that increases the possibilities of violence. Maybe we could redirect the moneys allotted to new jails to more money for education and job opportunities.

At the international level the message been sent is that we support the international oil companies who have made a niche of working with the elite in the respective countries while the common people are impoverished and suffer all sorts of violence.

Remember that Sadam Hussein was a US collaborator who received all the support, training and arms from United States. After some time, the war began to “stop de arms of mass destruction”, which has proved to be a myth. Nevertheless the war continues and thousands of Iraqi people have died.

Thousands of people have also been killed in Colombia. Won’t you try to find out the truth about this US/Colombia relation? And if you do will you please share it with the common people.

I trust the common people in US, so I ask that all the people who have e-mail access, after sharing with their own groups of very enlightened people, seek ways to share your knowledge with the millions who continue to ignore the situation in this country.

Remember the US budget concerns us all.