My physics teacher once told me that the accumulation of a quantitativechange generates a qualitative change. His explanation was like this: If you have an egg and you increase the heat (quantitative change),eventually there will be a qualitative change; it becomes a hard boiled egg. Even more there is no possibility to reverse the process.

We can find many examples in nature, and society is also part of nature. What I see happening now is a growing discontent everywhere with how things are run in US and abroad.

The current issue pertaining to immigrants in US is related more to a financial crisis brought about by the excessive military expenditure than to the expenses created by the immigrants‚ presence.

Even though President Bush and his administration have tried very hard to prove that the war was necessary, people here and abroad think the war was a created plot that has enriched the oil companies, military industry and those related to it.

Nevertheless, when the entire country could be questioning even more the endless war and its consequences, the focus is diverted to the immigrant population.

Are the immigrants to blame for the unbalanced budget? Or maybe it is their fault what happened with Katrina and the unremedied situation afterwards? We had a surplus that has changed into the largest deficit in U.S. history in a 5 years lapse. Is this also the immigrants‚ fault?

Lobbying the government in this country has changed from a place where common people were heard to a place where the will of the big companies is the rule. Who have been the real winners of this war? Certainly not the common people who are paying higher prices at the pump and also are the ones whose children are being killed. Yet among those paying with their lives are the immigrants, several of them undocumented individuals who have died trying to get their papers.

Who works at the fields so that food comes to the table, and works at poorly paid and often dangerous jobs? Those jobs are done by the immigrants, who also work at many factories where the owners think they are wonderful workers with a high work ethic.

Do the immigrants pay taxes? Yes, they do, but they cannot get any refunds back because they do not have a valid social security number. Where are the withholdings from all those undocumented workers?

Many of the big factories are closing and the workers are being laid off.The workers from those work places are not finding suitable jobs. Do you think they are going to work the fields or the low paying jobs at the factories?

When I started writing this editorial I mentioned a physics law. That

law also applies to societies.Society changes under the accumulation of frustration and unanswered responses to their claims. Sometimes those changes manifest in a violent way. Let us hope that people decide to use other channels to make changes but remember there are no reversed processes when a qualitative change takes place, therefore we have to start looking for ways of organizing a peaceful change in our society.

If the interventionist way of trading ceases and fair commerce takes place we could look into a change in foreign relations and a turning point in immigration from South to North.