Michiana Peace and Justice Coalition

• Protest Events Surrounding Bush Visit The Working Families Coalition of Michiana (WFCM) is planning a series of events as follows:

• Wednesday, Feb 22 John Young School, 1801 N. Main, Mishawaka is confirmed as the location for the Feb. 22nd rally. The rally will begin at 6:30 pm. A band called “Nice Save” will start playing (for free) at 5:00 pm for the entertainment of those who would like to arrive early. Press releases are going out. Representatives from various groups will give two-minute introductions to the speakers, who will each speak for about five minutes. Cindy Sheehan is not yet confirmed as a speaker. The overall slogan for the event is “Together We Can Do Better.”

• Thursday, Feb 23 The meeting place for the walking informational picket—let’s hope it becomes a major demonstration—is Local 365, 2405 Edison Road (just down from the junction with Ironwood, near the Post Office). The unions have arranged for buses to transport people from Local 365 to wherever the “Free Speech” zone turns out starting at 8am. People can also make their own way, of course. Bush will probably arrive at 10:00 am. The plan is for picketers with signs to walk up and down McKinley if possible. MPJC folks can gather by our banner by 10am. Check the website on Tuesday, Feb 21, for a cell phone contact to use on Feb 23 for last minute updates.

http://community. michiana.org/justice/

Notre Dame students have scheduled a Peace Week from February 20-24. On the 20th and 21st they will set out 300 pairs of boots, part of the Quaker witness, on the South Quad. These boots represent the National Guardsmen who have been killed in Iraq.

All are invited to walk by and observe this tribute. There will be a panel on Wednesday evening about the effects of the war. The speakers have not yet been selected, but it will be open to the public. On Thursday, the students will join the demonstration near Bethel. Mary Jo was fairly certain that the unions could help provide transportation for the students to the demonstration site. Joe will try to get a count on Wednesday, January 22, of those who need rides on Thursday.