Rice Is Seeking Millions to Prod Changes in Iran

The Bush administration, frustrated by Iranian defiance over its nuclear program, proposed Wednesday to spend $85 million to promote political change inside Iran by subsidizing dissident groups, unions, student fellowships and television and radio broadcasts.


Bilingual Education: Parents Know Best

By. Domenico Maceri

Californians virtually eliminated bilingual education from the state’s schools by passing Proposition 98 eight years ago. Yet, parents who want their kids educated through bilingual education have been able to do so since the new law included a waiver as an escape hatch..


Michiana Peace and Justice Coalition



Mexico City • Tens of clowns attended this past February 17, 2006 the opening of La Plaza del Payaso ( The Clonw’s Plaza), located in a very important avenue of the capital city. EFE/Germán Romero.

From left, Delia Murillo, Claudia Garcia, Cesar Rodriguez and Senator Marvin Reigsecker at the meeting pro Driving Privilege Card held in Goshen on February 17, 2006 .(photo: Axel Hernández)..