Goshen Immigration Task Groups Task Group * Contact Person

Media/Publicity: Collect the latest confirmed information, handle calls from the media and questions from the public, make plans for publicity schedule and methods, and distribute confirmed information. Anne Meyer Byler ambyler@verizon.net • 533-1996

Regional Outreach: Contact important players (ex: police departments, churches, local officials, community-based organizations, etc...) to coordinate efforts on key issues. Miguel Millan millangoshen@aol.com • (574) 968-8517

State and National Outreach: Connect with state and/or national organizing efforts to join our efforts with a larger movement via (1) combined political advocacy/pressure with state legislature and/or (2) learning about tactics for organizing that have been used elsewhere. Jason Shenk shenkja@gmail.com • 238-8317

Legal Issues: Pursue legal cases of discrimination (Karl Shelly). Maintain a list of lawyers willing to work with immigration cases (Maria Sanchez at 533-4450). Karl Shelly karlshelly@gmail.com • 534-0185

Translation/Accompaniment: Provide written and verbal translations for meetings and publications (ex: translating for the small meetings, translating documents into Spanish). Accompanying Spanish speakers to the BMV to serve as an advocate. David Helmuth helmuthdavid@hotmail.com • 537-4666

Transportation: Listen to those who have trouble getting to work, and support them in pursuing the transportation options that make sense to them (ex: carpooling, ? price taxi service, Enterprise cars, rerouting the trolley). Jimmer Prieto pashalom@mac.com • 533-9082

Communication: Maintain one master list of all contacts. Call the people on the meeting sign-in lists to ask questions about logistical tasks. Call to inform people of upcoming events. Blair Juarez • 534-4491

Voter Registration: Work to register eligible voters who are associated with this work. Tim Stair tim@mhsonline.org • 534-4145

Maria Sanchez maria.sanchez@lacasagoshen.org • 534-2599

Deportation: Work with families to prepare for the possibility of deportation (ex. generating a checklist that prioritizes tasks to be done) and organize members of the community to offer support when family members are deported (ex. financial, emotional, physical). Juan Vega jorevega7@gmail.com • 537-0308

Ron Collins roncoll@juno.com • 533-5269