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  • Edición impresa de Febrero 16, 2010

At a time when many things have changed so much, we seem to be desperate to have ‘business as usual’. Even though changes in the economy have created the pertinent social and hopefully ideological changes in individuals; the organizations and the administration expect things to continue without disruption.

It may work for those who are not affected by the changes, but for those who either have lost their jobs, are underemployed or their income has been severely diminished, the call to function as usual is not possible.

If you have been affected by any of those factors no sales campaign is going to lure you to spend what you do not have. Usually middle or upper-class individuals and groups are the ones creating policy in every field, and most of the time they are quite disconnected from what it feels like to be in a financially disadvantaged position.  For some people this ‘recession’ or ‘depression’ has been a time of some restrictions while for many others, those directly impacted by it, it has been a time of total loss.

Therefore those trying to create change have ‘heard’ about the troubles people are facing, but have not been directly hit by them.  For them the discussions about changes, budgets, or plans are just one more item in their personal agendas, but not the main one.  After the meeting or discussion, they can go back to the comfort of their home and be involved in unrelated things until the next meeting.

The late response of possibly needing 6 to 10 years to solve problems in a community related to health, legal matters, education, etc of the underprivileged can take multiple and endless meetings to bring about a plan usually drawn without the input of the ‘recipients’ who do not participated in its creation.

Most of the time the ‘activists’ feel the urgency of the matter and try by all means to highlight the problems.  Those activists are looked upon as people out of touch with how things are “supposed” to be done.  They also usually do not have access to the funds available only to the orchestrated efforts of the ruling class.

What would the world look like if the resources available for the poor would go directly to them? That would leave unemployed a vast majority of middle class bureaucrats and officials who sustain their way of life by creating and maintaining the status of their clients.

We live in a world where the arms industry does not stop making arms, but people are encouraged to live in peace. People are also taught through workshops, books, conferences, etc. on peace, to become involved in peace related actions, all these without stopping the military industry that continues to be the first seller of arms throughout the world. The food industry does not stop creating ‘food like’ stuff loaded with chemicals and attractively packaged (to the expense of the environment), and let us not forget at all the bottled ‘refreshments’ that substitute the use of water in the entire world. But the public will later receive advice, workshops, conferences and even money for campaigns, against diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc.  And the companies will continue to produce the same ‘food items’.

We live in a world where we have believe what we have is  the ‘best’, therefore even though the pain of many is very much alive, and it demands a time to reflect, rethink, and truly change, many will chose the easy way to ‘revamp’ and proceed with ‘business as usual’.

If we all accept this way of doing business, without contributing any input, we will have the double task of undoing what is been done, and creating a new model. So, why don’t we start by not accepting the easy way out, and participate in creating change.







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