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Managed Health Services (MHS) is partnering with the Indiana Minority Health Coalition (IMHC) to develop an innovative in-person education network –called the Family Education Network for Indiana families who are MHS members.

The network created through IMHC’s local minority health coalitions, will be able to provide education to families and individuals using the Hoosier Healthwise program and the Healthy Indiana Plan. It will encourage families to learn more about the high-quality healthcare plans and benefits available to them.

The education will be on a variety of topics, the scope of health plan benefits, how to access care and also an overview of programs and members’ rights.

Carl Ellison, Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of the Indiana Minority Health Coalition (IMHC), explained how the program is designed to benefit people who choose MHS services and who need or require additional coaching or education on health matters. The members will be able to contact the local resources through the health coalitions.

Ellison said: “We will work with MHS to link the members to any benefits that will help them practice better health and have better access care” He added: “ We have tried for many years to increase access to care, whether it is prenatal care, seniors with diabetes issues or other conditions. Now, . . . we finally see the fulfillment of a dream where the population has better access to benefits.

It also means that MHS has opted to work with an organization that is based in communities in order to better serve all the population involved. Locally it would encourage the families to find a health provider, and also take advantage of all the education that we have to offer. We want to make sure that all minorities have the same health opportunities that other populations have”.

On contacting Pat Rooney, MHS CEO, El Puente was able to establish that both their web page and their answering services can be accessed in Spanish.

Rooney mentioned that the participation of Latino families in the program has increased from 5 to 10.5 %. He explained: “ We have been a health maintenance organization since 1995 and are now serving the Healthy Indiana Plan population. In partnering with IMHC we wanted to have an in person kind of network for the families of our members, so that they know about the health coverage out there, how to access doctors and also get the preventive care that they need. We want to reach the mothers and kids so that they go to the doctor not only when they are sick, but also make sure they get the shots and check ups that they need.”

Rooney also said: “IMHC is a great partner since they already are out there in the community. . . serving in 28 counties with 25 coalitions . . . and we can further the information. We are expecting to see a lot of people using these services. We are focusing on the Hispanic community, trying to reach them. Every population is different and it has to be reached in different ways.”

You can obtain additional information at their web site, or call the toll free number (877) 647-4848, where you will be assisted both in English and Spanish.

The partnering of IHMC and MHS is the result of years of hard work and brings about a win-win situation for both organizations, but above all for the people. As a community based newspaper, El Puente is excited to see this effort taking place.



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