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  • Edición impresa de Febrero 15, 2011

There is an air of hope throughout the world as people follow the Egyptian revolt and their peoples’ triumph over a 30 years old unjust regime. There is much to learn about what happened and how the young people and workers were able to bring the change with non-violent resistance.

Oppressed people everywhere are watching and hoping for some of the same in their own realities.

There seems to be a confluence of circumstances that are leading people to realize how they have suffered enough depravation while a small portion of the population is controlling the big finances and getting richer without boundaries.

The troubling aspect of all this is how the military, which in most cases has been trained and armed by Unites States, usually plays the role of keeping the elite in place.

The reason to maintain business as usual, or at least not making to many waves, is the fact that, like in the case of Egypt, the retired and active military are heading some of the big corporations and financial institutions in their respective countries. That is they are part of the oppressors in many instances.

It is well known that Egypt remains a strong military and strategic partner of the United States. And according to the US Department of State page: “U.S. military cooperation has helped Egypt modernize its armed forces and strengthen regional security and stability. Under Foreign Military Financing (FMF) programs, the U.S. has provided F-4 jet aircraft, F-16 jet fighters, M-60A3 and M1A1 tanks, armored personnel carriers, Apache helicopters, anti-aircraft missile batteries, aerial surveillance aircraft, and other equipment. The U.S. and Egypt also participate in combined military exercises, including deployments of U.S. troops to Egypt. Every other year, Egypt hosts Operation Bright Star, a multilateral military exercise with the U.S., and the largest military exercise in the region. Units of the U.S. 6th Fleet are regular visitors to Egyptian ports.”

After such affirmation one has to question whether the Egyptian army that is now controlling the country will work for the people who worked and suffered in order to have change, or they will keep things as usual in order to support the international interests in the area.

Time will tell about the strength and ethics of those leading the change in Egypt.

Meanwhile, in US, there continues to be a climate of persecution and animosity against immigrants.

Since the country started experiencing the recession there is a lot of unemployment and scarcity. The natural scapegoat has turned out to be the immigrant, especially the undocumented one.

At no point do most people here realize that the military expenditure, not only for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also for the more than 150 military bases all over the world, has been increasing year after year. We also have to take into consideration the supporting of rulers like Mubarak on the order of 1.5 billion per year. It can be noted that most of the aid was military aid, as it has been in Colombia, Jordan, Pakistan, Israel, etc.

People here may continue to blame the underpaid workers who help put food on their tables, but the day will come when they will want a better use of their tax money. They will probably want their own soil and products back, their children back from war, the time to spend enjoying what they have and the jobs back here instead of having cheap articles manufactured abroad. They will probably want the opportunity to have more control over politics and politicians.

When people get tired, they look for changes and have the courage to bring them about.






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