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By Zulma Prieto

I like it when ordinary people do extraordinary things. While the world was involved in talking about the meteorite that fell on Russia, or why the pope resigned, I was thinking about how children make life important and meaningful.

I understand that worldwide news affects all of us, but my immediate reality was pleasantly enhanced by children, many of whom I don’t even know.

Latinos locally are many times associated with the words undocumented, not doing their part in society, people who do not learn the English language, do not learn fast and are not interested in studying; but this time we will be able to share about the wonderful Latino students who are participating and getting awards both in Science and Art!

Children summarize the stories of struggle and achievement that families and communities can offer the world. Behind each of these great achievers there is an untold story of caring and sharing that accounts for those young lives being able to flourish at an early age.

This country has been outstanding in welcoming people from all over the world, and in doing so, it has captured part of the culture and talent that foreigners bring with them. Scientific development, economical advance, display of creativity are the many talents that foreigners have incorporated in the daily life of the US. They came to become us.

The families of all the children from foreign homes will always be loyal to the land that offered opportunities to their children. When you ask any foreigner their reason to come to USA, most of the time they will say: “ We want education and a better future for our children”.

The judges, who had before them the artwork of the children, did not know where they were from. They were judged on their own artistic merit.

The children who presented their work for the science competition also moved to a higher level of competition because their work deserved that distinction.

The Dreamers, who have lately obtained their paperwork to legalize their status in the country, will also have the opportunity to contribute because they have been educated here and are great achievers.

Many times when I heard the Dreamers speak to audiences, I heard some of them talking almost like begging for an opportunity. I am glad now to see that they know how much they have to offer to the country, to their families and communities.

When all these young people begin to make their dreams come true, part of their accomplishments will benefit us all, including those who oppose them.

It is not only that they will enhance our lives with their talents, but also in a country where the baby boomers are reaching a non-productive age, it is the younger generation who will support and care for the older people. So it makes financial sense also to have them included in the national life.

I hope you get to see the art exhibit here, or look for one in your own locality. Join the pleasure and applaud all those young lives from any country, and any background.

Children who make beautiful things have beautiful minds and will offer us a better future.




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