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What are dreams made of? Depending on whom you ask, the answer may be; they are made of fantasy, or unachievable things. Others may look at them as a waste of time and having an unrealistic look at life. If we look at history one may find that great achievements were possible because great dreamers have existed.

Every battle in any field has been initiated by a dreamer; we have splendid architectural samples of grandiose dreams from the minds of the pyramid builders to the high skyscrapers in Dubai.

It was also in Michelangelo’s dreams that his sculptures and works of art were first conceived. He had to struggle with high ceilings and hard marble until he brought to life his dream and left it for us to see.

Those who came to the Americas were also pursuing a dream of a free land with prosperity for all, and where there would be no religious persecution. They also dreamed of a land with equal opportunity for all, leaving behind old class structures that had impeded their dreams from coming alive.

It is a dream that gives wings to the aspirations of thousands to better themselves by studying more and accomplishing more.

How many times children have been told not to dream, but just count on facts, on realities, as if realities had begun from crystallized dreams. Decades ago it was just an impossible dream to learn new languages, or see other lands without traveling and spending a lot of money to be at other places. Today, because of someone’s dreams, along with the dreams of many others, we use the web to learn and travel. We can even chat with and see people that otherwise we could not have access to if our only venue was the reality of an airplane and a bank account.

Martin Luther King, Jr. also had a dream that he shared with all the force of his spirit, and he managed to kindle the lives of others to reach for a change that ran throughout the United States and beyond. He had a Dream, and he fearlessly shared it until it became a reality.

Currently we are experiencing a dramatic change in the political scene in United States and part of that change comes from the Dreamers. For many years Immigration reform was a remote agenda that was contemplated nationally only by the interested immigrants. But now, it is part of the ever-present daily agenda in all the country. Immigration is linked now to how we look at the economy, political scene, studies, health and every aspect of our society.

Finally the topic has come to the forefront to be discussed by all and this has been possible because young people decided to Dream. They are dreaming of a free land that will let them pursue their personal dreams in a trusting environment where they can participate and contribute to the country they love.

To all those who seek change, I say DREAM! and dream big! Dare to present your dreams out in public and challenge the ‘normal’ way of thinking and doing things with a bold approach that can only come from dreamers.

To every child and young person who has to hear the voices of ‘experience’, I say challenge yourself and others with your dreams. Always reach for the impossible! The future cannot be possible without you and your dreams.




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