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  • Edición impresa de Febrero 2, 2016.

This is a confusing time in United States and throughout the world. It looks as if people who make analysis and projections are using the same old approach and data gathering, while people outside those spheres are looking at and moving in a different direction.

Part of this can be seen in the political campaigning that is taking place and how the ‘favorites’ are not getting the point even though they have the money and power backing them. It looks like the public just does not want more of the same instead they are looking for changes. Whether they are right or wrong depends on who is doing the analysis.

But the contradiction is not just ideological; in a country where the middle class is disappearing, and the gap between those who have the power and money and those who have none; it is becoming greater day after day. There has to be a growing feeling of non tolerance towards those who have had control of the political field, passing on the power from one family to the other in the same dynastic manner that has taken place in all the ‘banana republics’.

The economy is doing well. But big corporations are shutting down places and laying off employees, more people are working, but they are getting paid less and many times are not holding a full time job, therefore no benefits.

There continue to be big arguments against the undocumented “workers” (because they are working), but for several years there has not been a sensible approach to solving their situation. Nevertheless, both parties try to get the Latino vote, offering more promises while more families continue to be disrupted.

Even though the situation of those 11 million has not been solved, there is an ever-increasing flow of Cubans who enter the country with many prerogatives, including benefits, social security, health care, etc. And there is also talk of bringing twenty thousand refugees from Syria. The country could take them and even more because it needs cheap labor to move the machine that provides all the benefits that everyone else enjoys.

But people making the big plans do not realize that people are changing. You cannot have a massive world migration like the ones that have taken place without changing the social fiber of every country in every continent. In developed countries, people are used to a high level of living standards, but displaced people are very resourceful and have a different way of organizing and communicating, not necessarily by using email.

There are many meetings taking place everywhere, and most of the time the poor, the disenfranchised, minorities are not attending because they do not belong to those spheres of power. Is change going to be successful if the powerful continue to hold meeting and draw plans without the bulk of the population been represented, not by token representation, but by real voices coming from the base?

The next time you attend a meeting or plan one. Think. Is it inclusive? Or have we discarded people because they do not speak at the same level? Or is it because they do not handle discussions well and do not know the parliamentary rules of speaking?

Well, that bulk of the population will eventually change the economy, the social panorama, and the way things are done. It has been taking place for sometime and it will be louder in the future. Let’s hope they are willing to include in their plans all those who left them out before.





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