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  • Edición impresa de Febrero 16, 2016..

We had local elections a short while ago and after all the involvement and enthusiasm, we now have new mayors and council members elected in most cities in Indiana.

Before the elections people found many things that the opposite party had done wrong, and talked about the wonderful accomplishments they would bring in case they won the election.

Now we are facing reality. Wherever we live in any city, we are part of a given neighborhood or district and it’s there where our action or lack of it is going to work.

We can chose not to participate in anything and wait until the next electoral period in order to once more criticize, or we can be part of some of the actions taking place and expect praise or criticism after the work is done.

Unless one is a hermit, there is some group to belong to and somewhere to contribute. For some people it is church, club, school activities, civic affairs, etc. At any of those places there are things to be done.

If people are organizing to build a playground, call attention to the quality of water, improve the schools, or any other matter an individual can join in and in the process of working alongside with others, networks of goodwill are created, and trust is built.

So, if you don’t like something. Change it! But remember that you cannot do it alone. You need to hear others opinions, and find ways to agree on a course of action after finding common ground.

Maybe it will not work in every case, and you will be disappointed some times. But life is not a chain of endless successes, instead is more like a learning lab where no one has all the answers, but you may be part of one of the solutions.

The next time someone asks you to be part of an effort, think twice before saying no thank you! That could be the opportunity to meet with others and create something new.

If you go to a meeting and you do not like it, you can step aside, or you may chose to inquire more before making a decision. Follow your heart when choosing where to help, and don’t deprive yourself of joining others because of past experiences.

The next time you go to a hospital, a non-profit agency or a place where they assist people in any way, look around and see how many volunteers are there. If you tell yourself that you don’t have the time, think of the times that others helped you at the expense of their time.

Many new and exciting things are happening in small towns and cities. There is new interest in schools and colleges. People want to change the way their town feels and what types of new ventures are opening. There is interest in the arts, not only as spectators, but also as participants.

All that energy is transforming the face of the place where you and I live. Do you want to be part of the change, or are you going to sit and watch TV all your life? After each TV show, there is an end, and you may turn off and go to bed. Next day you can be part of another story unrelated to your real life, and the days will go by without you creating anything.

If you choose to be with others you cannot turn off life, it will continue in your thoughts and in your spirit, it will move you and others and it will be very relevant to your life.




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