In March 1992, there were no newspapers in Spanish in Indiana. There were a lot of Latinos coming to this part of the country and they had no access to the news or basic information in their own language. That is when we decided to start a newspaper, “El Puente”.

Who would do the newspaper? The people, anybody who wanted to participate. The philosophy from the beginning was that the newspaper should encompass the dreams, and hopes of many. Since then, many people, not only from the northern part of Indiana, but nowadays even from several countries abroad participate in this effort of walking with the people. Some individuals have written poems, essays, reports, or they have sent pictures and information from their towns and cities. Lately we have had the input of artists, graphic designers, politicians and many others.

There have been occasional participants, others have had their own columns for a long time. Help was needed to distribute the newspaper, collect information, be the eyes and ears in many places, and people have stepped up to participate having as compensation the certainty that this common effort needed everybody’s help.

The newspaper El Puente was started, having in mind the people who had no voice. And on many occasions it has had to raise its voice so that others know about problems. It has also tried to be part of the solution, calling for dialogue and participation of and with the community at large.

In choosing the name we imagined a bridge from the Latino community to the community at large. In reality it started being a bridge within the community and then years later it extended to others. We have tried to applaud the efforts of people that are achieving success in their own fields, We think that those role models inspire the young people in the community.

Why was the newspaper started? There are other organizations that help the community, such as schools, health clinics, churches, agencies and even individuals.

Then why start a newspaper? God doesn’t need a newspaper, but maybe he wants us to experience love by working in a common cause of acknowledging each others needs and interests.

This has been an experiment of love and faith. As Editor of El Puente, I feel that I have grown thanks to the participation and love of others. In times of doubt, when discernment was needed to continue, we felt the presence God in our lives through friends who prayed with us and showed their support.

As a family, my husband, son and daughter and myself have also learned to work together even at long distances.

Who is the boss? Once more we want to affirm that the owner of this enterprise is God, I only work here. We thank the Lord and all of you who have been part of this dream as collaborators or readers.

The same questions that were posed in the first editorial 12 years ago appear here, Who? Why? What is the goal? Who is the boss? We continue to be accountable for those answers.