By: Tom Little

Over the last 50 years, man-made chemicals, medications and street drugs have spread at almost inconceivable rates. We're exposed to pesticides, fertilizers and toxic chemicals daily. Some of us do our best to avoid exposure to these toxins, taking normal safety measures around chemicals. Yet what if there are toxic dangers lurking in our own homes—that we bring into where we live or routinely use in household chores?

According to Environmental Scientist Michael Wisner, there are numerous types of toxins that we may bring into our own homes unwittingly that can be absorbed into the body. “There are common sense things one can do to reduce the toxic exposure in one’s home,” says Wisner. “For example, if you leave your shoes at the door before walking into your house, you can reduce you and your family’s exposure to lead by 40%. Lead comes from vehicular and industrial exhaust and being heavier than air, falls to the ground, where we then walk it into our homes. Another simple tip is to clean things with baking soda, vinegar and water rather than harsh store-bought chemical cleaners.”

Wisner has been seen in TV interviews across the country, including the Montel Williams Show where he discussed a two-pronged approach to the rampant dangers posed by everyday toxins. Wisner urged people, first, to be aware of the chemicals that can insidiously make their way into our everyday lives. He then explained why reducing the levels of toxins that have already accumulated in the body is also so vital. Wisner spoke about the program as described in the book Clear Body Clear Mind by New York Times best-selling author L. Ron Hubbard.

This book details Mr. Hubbard’s research that resulted in his breakthrough discovery that toxic residues can be trapped in the fatty tissues of our bodies and can affect our mental and spiritual well-being. This program has now been successfully completed by over 250,000 people worldwide.

Wisner and other scientists studied the program; and while Wisner made it clear that the program and book make no medical claims and results may vary from person to person, he added, “I have contributed to twelve independent, published scientific studies that in my opinion clearly document the scientific efficacy and safety of the program.” Wisner also extols the more subjective results, “We put over 3,000 normal people through the program, seeing some incredible results on a scientific level. But it is important to note that many of those who have completed the program have experienced results such as heightened ability to think clearly and a general increase of happiness in life.”

“The key,” says Wisner, “is to do everything we can to reduce the toxins we use in our homes and workaday environments, while at the same time reducing our internal exposure with a proven method. Mr. Hubbard’s program in Clear Body Clear Mind is a survival tool in today’s chemical world.”

It seems there may not only be hidden toxins in our homes, but in our bodies as well.