Thinking, Working and Expecting the Best.

By: Maria Alejandra Paez

Inagine you are a 6 year old that stepped foot in this country without knowing the language. You have started first grade and half the school year is over. The only English word you know is yes. You are walking through the hallways and it feels like everyone is staring at you while you are walking, how would you feel? Would you feel like you are worthless? Well, children aren't the only ones who feel so uncomfortarble. Imagine being an adult that didn't know the language and just started a job at taco bell. You have to take orders. Someone comes up to you and asks for a burrito supreme. Imagine just standing there thinking, " What is this person saying? Man this is too hard I'm out of here! If you did that, then you are failing to think, work, and expecting the best.

It might be easy for that adult to think that they are total loosers because they don't understand the language, but that's negative thinking and it won’t help. You need positive thoughts like "I don't know English yet, but I will learn." having a possitive attitude can keep you from giving up. So if you think life is hard, or that you'r a total looser or that you should give up right away. You are wrong and this type of thinking will not get you anywhere. When you combine hard work with a possitive attitude you will experience succes.

When I was in first grade the only English word I knew was yes and I didn't know if I would ever be able to do well in school. My E.S.L teacher helped me by telling me that I had good attitude and if I worked hard I could do it, but it wasn't as easy as it sounds. In first grade one day I walked in the classroom and I saw everyone laughing and so I thought that they were making fun of me and the only way I could stop thinking that, was to cry and I did. Then one day I had to talk to my E.S.L teacher and I told her about me crying. She talked to me and said that it doesn't matter about my crying and that I can learn English and make good friends. She was right I wanted so much to learn English and make good friends that in a few months I was able to speak well enough to make friends. I could have given up when I only knew one word and had no friends, but I knew that if I kept working at it, I could do it.

I at least expected the best for me and got to almost where I wanted to get. If you expect the best for you then you should get somewere near your goal. When I didn't know the language, I was expecting less than what I know right now. Right now I’m a succesful girl and I'm into a lot of activities and whenever I'm doing my activities I always expect my best and by expecting my best is to have good attitude and possitive thinking. Also I never expected to write, read, or deliver this speach after being in America for only 5 years. Now I can see that it was really worth trying my best.

In different ways I could have given up but not when I think, work, and expect my best. When i didn't know the language, I had a lot of goals, and now that i can speak the language I can make them come true by me stiking with them. Now, I walk through the hallways and think wow! I made it through I thought about my goals, I worked through it, and I expected my best. I also think that not everything that happens to me is all going to be roses. I have failed and had to make a decision, quit and cry or try again. So when I fail in the future, I'll pick my self up, wipe off the dust and continue trying me best. I'm amazed at how this point of view has gotten me this far.

Thank you.

Maria Alejandra Paez was one of the first place finishers in the annual Optimist oratorical competition that took place on February 23, 2004 She represented Osolo Elementary, luncheon club in Elkhart