Once upon a time Information decided to be available nonstop everywhere. She decided to turn the world crazy by showing her power to wrap everyone in the dark pit of bad news. Every newspaper, TV and radio station brought news ofwars, explosions, rapes, violence and death.

In order to find a partner, she decided to walk this life with Fear. Fear had enormous power; it could stop life itself by making everyone hopeless and inactive. Every human being that came across this powerful couple felt more isolated and individualistic.

Everyone was just ONE, therefore they had only one dream, one need and one purpose, to satisfy Oneself. Other people in the planet were only vague reflections of One’s existence.

The more Information came close to One, Fear would appear and embrace One,

and One would go and crawl in the basement after gathering a lot of PROTECTION.

Across the street from One, lived Simpleton. Simpleton did not pay much attention to Information. Simpleton also lived in a world of its own. Simpleton was not fearful, but was always ineffective.

One day Family Member arrived to town. Family Member had parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. They made a lot of noise and they never had enough food or money. But no matter what, they appeared to be enjoying life.

What pests they were! They never thought about tomorrow, never feared the next day and had nothing to lose.

Family Member began to have problems in town. NOBODY wanted to relate to them, so they gathered and brought all their problems to Grandfather.

The entire night was spent ‘informing’ Grandfather about the situation.

Each Member spoke at the same time, they made a lot of noise and were very

excited. At dawn, Grandfather said: “I will sleep now, you wait out here”.

Family Members looked at each other without understanding. They sat and waited, but pretty soon some got hungry, others were thirsty and some others wanted to talk or go to sleep.

Because they were many they organized so that some cooked, others made juice, others took care of the children and so on.

Three days later, Grandfather still would not come out to talk to them.

Family Members were very angry with Grandfather, but they continued to talk, collaborate and wait.

On that third night, Grandfather came out to be with them.

They sat around him and waited for his words of wisdom, instead he asked many questions. What were they doing? Had they been able to eat? How were the children? Were they afraid? Did they go out for more information?

They started to explain according to what they had done. To the last two questions they said:” No, we are not afraid. “No, we did not go for more information, we waited for you”.

He looked at them and laughed.

“Information is worthless if you do not speak to each other and work with each other. Information is not bad, but like excess food it causes a stomach ache if you do not digest it.

When you think about the information, and care for each other you are no longer without hope. You become free and active because you feel each other’s strength”, and he added “ You did not need just me, you need each other”.

A Young Family Member asked “ But, what about ONE ?”

Grandfather said: “ You are no longer afraid, and know you have knowledge”.

“Go and talk to ONE, so that he can become a Family Member”.

Several of the Family Members went out to talk to One, and One1, and One 2, and One3, and Simpleton.

They did not teach, they only shared and listened first while they cooked and worked and laughed.

Pretty soon, Fear decided that this was not a nice town to live in.