Cómo Vivir y Prosperar en Estados Unidos / How to Live & Thrive in the U.S

New Book in English & Spanish Helps Immigrants with Their Day-to-Day Struggles to Succeed in the U.S.

If you moved to a new country, what would you do if you knew only a few words of the language and even less of the laws and customs? You would first have to find what questions to ask and what the answers mean, to find all the basic everyday things that the people who live there take for granted. You would probably want a how-to guide written in your own language.

Cómo Vivir y Prosperar en Estados Unidos / How to Live & Thrive in the U.S. has been written as a beginner’s guide to help Hispanic/Latino immigrants adjust to life in the United States.

“Our country will be safer, stronger and more secure and everyone who lives here will benefit if we help new immigrants succeed”, states the author, Donna Poisl, a leading authority on the problems immigrants face learning to live in a new country.

Some of the topics covered in this book:

• how to use the telephone book and find information and offices you need

• what to do and where to go in an emergency

• how to get a driver license, purchase and register a car and choose auto insurance

• how to establish and keep good credit and why it is so important

• how to understand and open a bank account and why it is important

• how to understand, choose and buy health insurance

• how to be good neighbors

As an immigrant herself, and then when helping her clients purchase insurance and real estate, she realized the difficulties new residents face finding the basic, understandable information they need to be successful here.

Spiral bound, with 35 chapters and 208 pages, it is written with English on the left hand pages and Spanish on the facing pages. The book lies open and flat so the school children in the family can help the adults, since the kids usually are the family translators.

For more information, contact Donna Poisl at 704.861.9500.