March 10 Movement

Today we celebrate one year of the beginning of the struggle for a fair Immigration Reform.

One year ago, we were fighting for 12 million people, and today we fight for 12 and a half million, the half a million that became undocumented last year because the immigration problem was not solved

Yes. The United States has an immigration problem. But is not a problem with immigrants, but a burocratic problem.

When the United States needs meat, it let cows from Argentina to get here, and if they want grapes, they bring them from Chile. If the U.S. needs cars, it brings them from Japan, and it wants shoes, it imports them from Singapore.

But when it needs workers, it does not allow them to get here. That’s the United States immigration problem.

If we were robots, the United Status would have imported us already.

But we are not robots. We are human beings, and we need and we demand some rights.

That’s why we are fighting for the immigration reform, and that’s why we are calling everyone to march on May Day, on May First 2007, in a one million people demonstration in downtown Chicago.

Tell your employer next Monday, that on May Day, International Workers Day, workers will not be working because they will be marching for their rights, human rights, workers’ rights, whites, Blacks, Latino, Mexican, Philipino, Chinese and Irish rights.

Tell your school Principals that on May Day their students will not be in the classrooms because they are going to be marching because we are already thinking ahead, we are already asking “what happens after we get the papers?”

We don’t want just papers. We want papers with rights. We want papers with job security. We want papers with safety in the workplace. We want papers with better wages. We want papers with scholarships for the young students. We want papers so one day we can vote for Mayors and Aldermen and Congressmen that truly represent our interests. We want papers with full rights to unionize to keep fighting for our rights.

For all of that, we will march on May Day, the Day of International Workers, The International Workers’ Day.