There continues to be a war going on, and the US economy is not turning any better. Yet we continue to see the immigration issue at the center of most political discussions.

Nevertheless, the focus of this issue is entirely different depending on the level it is approached.

At the local and state levels the topic is used as a means to better political positions.

For example, Hazleton mayor, Lou Barletta decided to run for Congress. His stance on “illegal immigration” has given him instant popularity, even though the economic and legal problems that his decision has caused, still have to be settled.

Meanwhile the presidential candidates dance around the issue without giving clear statements about how they would “solve” the problem.

In fact they have not really said how they are going to solve several items on the agenda.

Their presentations have been surrounded by a lot of quite repetitive information; like with movie stars, questions about how they dress, who they are married to, and what religion they practice, have become the center of interest in the public.

Of course all this has been sprinkled by some juicy comments on infidelities, marital affairs, etc.

The question of who and how much are the lobbyists contributing to each one of the candidates could be of great interest to any of the voters, since that would be the way to know how policy will be drawn and who will be controlling the country.

Since each one of the candidates has not spoken as to what the political action might be, not in words but supported by feasible facts, the next best thing to ask is who owns them.

The vague reference to stopping the war by taking the troops out, does not address the fact that the US has an overproduction of armament, intelligence and military training that produces a lot of money; therefore war is closely related to the economy.

The big companies that derive their profit from supporting the military would have to change the way they do business. Nowadays, many of the activities carried about in foreign lands are paid for by the military and taken care of by big businesses. Food, medicine, clothing, furniture, cars, etc are just some of the things needed to support more than 70 military bases throughout the world. With the largest expenditure in the places were there is armed conflict: Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, and others.

Compared to these big issues, immigration is just a distraction in this or any election.

The immigrants, the poor people in every country and the many people in the US, will continue to watch their lives go downhill, while the “Big” issues are not discussed.

Right now I will turn on the TV on and will look for answers. Do you think I will get any there?