People are complaining about the economy, and many people want to fight back but how can they do that?

It may be related to the coming of spring, but suddenly there are more ads everywhere inviting people to spend, invest and move forward. This looks like a premeditated tone set by the government that wants us to spend the moneys promised to tax payers. They hope people go out and spend it, thus stimulating the economy.

Somehow I fail to understand modern economy. At the individual level, reasoning tells me that if I am deeply in debt I must spend less and produce more. At national level it does not work that way. They make tons of new bills, send them to a lot of people and invite them to spend all the money even though they are drowning in debt.

But of course this applies not only to economy but also to social skills. If an individual does wrong, he/she is supposed to admit it, face the consequences, and make restitution.

Once again the rules are for individuals not for the administration. When the government wrongs another country they not only do not admit it, but continue to further the fight against them. There is no restitution and the story about the beginning, development and continuation of the problem is totally changed to suit the government’s purposes.

I do not know if this role model that encourages violence and rewards unfairness morally inspires the younger generations or if in their rejection they decide to become apathetic to any form of civic involvement, including voting.

On the other hand the general public becomes the tolerant victim. Without realizing their own power, they continue to be the voluntary victims of any laws, ordinances, rules and attitudes that those in power throw their way.

Some days ago I had the pleasure of listening to Dolores Huerta talking about people’s power. It is the power that comes when they realize that by analyzing and working together and organized, nothing can stop them. If we look at it in a mathematical way it is as follows: On a farm the man who makes the decision of what to plant and when to sell has the power. The people that do the planting, watering and sowing have to surrender their power to the manager. So if that manager decides to plant only corn and not leave any space for a family garden, when the crop is done the workers will have to go to the store to buy all their food because they did no say in how the planning and planting was done.

For a long time now workers in the United States and many other countries have had no say in the way businesses are handled. We need people power to change the course of history. We need for activists to invest time and care in teaching and learning at the grass root level. We can see that the old model of having demonstrations, call-ins, and e-mailing have had no effect in changing the current situation.

The war continues, the economy slows, and the people here and abroad have a harder life. The money and power concentrate more and more in a few hands, but not necessarily in the hands of those who do the actual work. So how do we change things?

Dolores’s message brought a glimmer of hope that may change things, but only if the so called leaders are willing to spend more time in the streets rather than in meetings.