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OnPoint Highlights: The Facts Behind the Rhetoric in Congress

Immigration OnPoint: Facts at Your Fingertips for Frequently Asked Immigration Questions

Both Houses of Congress are currently debating immigration policy issues.  In the House, members are focused on the creation of a mandatory electronic employment verification system that would put additional responsibilities on both the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration and could endanger the jobs of American workers.  In the Senate, a small group of Republican senators has introduced a series of deportation-only bills — including an employment verification bill — aimed only at escalating the rhetoric, rather than searching for solutions.  This week, Immigration OnPoint highlights three new documents that provide policymakers and advocates with facts that are relevant to the current debate in Congress: 

Immigrants and Crime: Setting the Record Straight (Immigration Policy Center - March 2008) - Dispels myths about immigrants and criminality.

The Social Security Administration Taking on Immigration and Employment Eligibility: Not Ready for Prime Time (Immigration Policy Center - March 2008) - Examines the burden that a new mandatory employment verification would have on the Social Security Administration.

The “EEV” of Destruction (Cato Institute - March 2008) - Analyzes the civil liberties issues surrounding electronic employment verification.