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  • Edición impresa de Marzo 1, 2011

Recently a group of twelve ordinary people gathered in London and organized a sit down in front of Vodaphone, a company they knew was not paying taxes. When passers by inquired about what they were doing, they would ask, “Do you pay taxes?” The most common answer was, “ Of course!” then they would say, “Well this company doesn’t”. People would then join them. According to a National British Audit Office, it was found that in 2007 a third of the country’s top 700 corporations paid no tax at all. The UK Uncut movement’s message was simple: if you want to sell in our country, you pay our taxes.

Everywhere in the world people have started to realize that transnational companies have had all the breaks while the people have had to have their benefits cut.

According to Daniel Denvirt, from the Independent Media Institute; there are 4 things that our government should stop wasting money on:

1. War and the Defense Budget. Monies that pay for the Pentagon’s global operations and two ongoing wars take up at least one-fifth of the federal budget.

2. Immigration Reform. The costs of harsh immigration enforcement go beyond political scaremongering and broken families. Deportations cost taxpayer dollars. “House Republicans seem hell-bent on taxing Americans to fund their mass deportation obsession, instead of taxing immigrants and their employers,” according to a statement from America’s Voice executive director Frank Sherry. According to a new report from the Southern Poverty Law Center, towns that passed harsh laws going after immigrants, landlords and employers have spent hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in legal fees. Fremont, Nebraska was forced to raise property taxes.

3. Criminal Justice and the Prison-Industrial Complex. Budget deficits at the federal, state and local level are forcing politicians to take a fresh look at the $69-billion-a-year cost of locking up so many people.

4. Corporate Welfare. Here are some examples:- Cut subsidies for oil and gas companies, - Get rid of farm subsidies for millionaire “farmers”; This subsidy is a giveaway to the wealthy and for the raw materials for highly processed foods that make us sick and obese.— Allow Medicare to negotiate drug discounts the way the VA does.

As I stated above, people in US are starting to see that it is not immigrants that are creating their pains and scarcity, but the power brokers that lobby, nominate and pay for the political campaigns that benefit their own interests.

For many people in US and abroad, Wisconsin’s uprising is part of a larger awakening. The popular protest against financial abuses and misplaced austerity has begun. Other states are taking Wisconsin‘s agenda and workers in many states are ready to protest also.

The undocumented workers in US are watching how people here are facing the prospect of the multiple anti-immigrant laws becoming a reality. At the same time they are starting to see that going back to their countries is not a safe answer for them. The politicians that have sold out the U.S. are the ones who have negotiated agreements like NAFTA, and other unfair agreements that harm people in participanting countries.

Maybe is not only Wisconsin awakening, or Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia; maybe the entire world has decided that its time to regain control of their lives and their land. Maybe there is hope after all for the poor, the humble and the real workers of the world. There still is hope; people are uniting for a better future!






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