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  • Edición impresa de Marzo 15, 2011

Too many problems, too little space, short attention span and looking for hope. Those are the thoughts that run through my head.

I could write about the threat that nuclear plants pose to the planet.

According to European Nuclear Society, as of Jan 19, 2011, in 30 countries, 442 nuclear power plant units with an installed electric net capacity of about 375 GW are in operation. They are: Argentina 2, Armenia 1, Belgium 7, Brazil 2, Bulgaria 2, Canada 18, China: Mainland 13, Taiwan 6, Czech Republic 6, Finland 4, France 58, Germany 17, Hungary 4, India 20, Japan 54, Korea Republic 21, Mexico 2, Netherlands 1, Pakistan 2, Romania 2, Russian Federation 32, Slovakan Republic 4, Slovenia 1, South Africa 2, Spain 8, Sweden 10, Switzerland 5, Ukraine 15, United Kingdom 19, United States 104 for a total of 442.

Or, we could talk about an article by Chris Hellman, on the $1.2 Trillion: The Real U.S. National Security Budget No One Wants You to Know About where he mentions that: “For 2012, the White House has requested $558 billion for the Pentagon’s annual “base” budget, plus an additional $118 billion to fund military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.”  But, missing from the Pentagon’s budget request, for example, is an additional $19.3 billion for nuclear-weapons-related activities, and an additional $7.8 billion that the Pentagon lumps into a “miscellaneous” category. The White House has also requested $71.6 billion for a post-2001 category called “homeland security” — of which $18.1 billion is funded through the Department of Defense.

The remaining $53.5 billion goes for various other federal accounts, including the Department of Homeland Security ($37 billion), the Department of Health and Human Services ($4.6 billion), and the Department of Justice ($4.6 billion). All of it is, however, national security funding which brings our total to: $765.3 billion.

Added to that is $818.4 billion for veterans programs. Of this, $59 billion is for veterans’ hospital and medical care, $70.3 billion for disability pensions and education programs. This category of national security funding has been growing rapidly in recent years because of the soaring medical-care needs of veterans of the Iraq and Afghan wars. My heart goes out to the mothers and their children who have to face a new reality.

The account continues to grow with $6.6 billion for military aid to foreign countries,( Such aid is represented in its majority in military training and arms), therefore those dollars never leave the country, they are paid to the respective military companies that run the programs, while almost $2 billion goes for “international peacekeeping” operations ( intervention in other countries?). A further $709 million has been designated for countering the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (real ones or the assumed ones that started the war in Iraq?).

And how much of that money goes to pay contractors (many times mercenaries), and companies that enrich themselves with the moneys collected from everybody’s taxes, yet the money for education, health, and social services for the same people who have paid those taxes is continuously cut under the excuse that the budget has to be reduced.

There can be no peace in the world if there is so much injustice. The western mentality has chosen to believe that the human specie has ‘inherited’ the earth, therefore it has the right to use it and abuse it.

The earth is tired. Human beings continue to ignore the needs of the earth and all the other species that share the same planet.

Greed has taken over the hearts of the powerful and the exploitation of peoples and resources disacknowledges the rights of others to live in peace, work, love and enjoy with other humans and other species their time on the planet.

In times of need, we recognize the pain and anguish others are suffering in Japan right now. As people try to give a hand to them in their time of need, couldn’t we also think of ways to change? Like a way of life that does not violate the rights of the earth and its inhabitants






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