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  • Edición impresa de Marzo 20, 2012

Newspapers play different roles in the community. They are required to inform themselves in order to inform others. It takes love and patience to not only investigate but also to know when and how to share the findings.

Mostly due to space constrictions there has to be a balance in what goes into the newspaper. Too much of gloomy news, even if they carry some truth, would just about crush the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs and idealists. Too much of just rosy outlooks and people may start to think that nothing has been done, and everything has been accomplished.

One of the most important things a newspaper gets to do is to record history. In our case, instead of always following the big leaders, we try to record the big accomplishments of the common members of the community.

More than once we have made it a point to take pictures of almost every college and high school Latino graduate in the surrounding community. We still think that their triumph is not only individual but also a collective one and is our joyous duty to record the event, because history is done by their success.

Alongside with the graduations, parties, competitions, etc, we have also recorded the times of frustration with a law that most of the time seems to be against the immigrant families, and also the raids, unemployment, and the quota of sad and worrisome news that are shared as a community. Those times have not been pleasant, but it is the newspaper’s responsibility to bring the messages of reason and peace along with the messages of threat and trouble.

The newspaper has also tried to share the good news of new Latino citizens. For many years throughout the country a new generation of Latinos who have not forgotten their roots and their language, are becoming part of the critical mass of people that will be able to affect and vote in the elections.

As well, it has been a matter of pride to be able to announce new businesses and enterprises. Ingenuity and hard work have made it possible to be surrounded by many Latino businesses that opened their place in the hope not just of making money, but also of serving people, in ways that only Latinos know how. It takes sometimes that ‘extra’ effort to please, help and serve for people to feel that they want to go back to buy or be served at a place where to begin with, people speak their own language.

20 years ago there was not a single Latino business on US 33 in Elkhart County. After reading this editorial, try to count how many there are now.

As I said in my previous editorial, it has been a 20-year journey. In it we have shared the joys and tribulations of our community, always certain that all those who have worked and lived in this area, have enriched our lives with their presence.

We hope to continue serving you, trying to excel in what we do, always thinking that you deserve the best!






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