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Fear immobilizes people and makes them weak. One of the greatest lessons from young people nowadays is how in many places they have stepped out and have loudly expressed their concerns. Those, who due to their age should be more concerned with living a long and prosperous life, are the same ones that dare risk everything for freedom. Young people are leading the way here in the immigration process. Progress has been possible because many young adults decided to say out loud: ‘I am undocumented, and not afraid!”

There comes a time in life when people realize that their fate is in their hands and they do have the power to change the course of their lives. Everywhere people are fed up with the situations that enslaves them, to financial circumstances that do not allow for a comfortable present or promise a bright future. Nevertheless, most people try to accommodate to scarcity, pressure from banks, lack of rights and services, and they get used to living with less and less.

In this country where people were used to many services, job security, sufficient food and, safety, we are seeing that turn into a far away dream for many. Individuals are fighting over poor paying jobs and are treated disrespectfully, but dare not complain. The time of unions and rights is over, now only the corporations have rights.

In other countries the situation has become desperate. Places like Ukraine or Venezuela are facing harsh conditions, persecution, lack of resources, and an economy that is strangling the families.

It is sad to see people risk their lives or be injured by the forces of government. In those cases the government is not representing the people, but the interests of a small group of powerfull people who make decisions that affect everyone. The planet is tired of being abused and exploited by a few to the detriment of millions everywhere who need their land, food, and water available now and for the next generation.

The young people are claiming their place in society worldwide. They have new plans and visions and want a change. They are seeing how life has become a fast dying process where the path has already been established by the ‘wise’ and ‘experienced’.

It has not been easy for many young people everywhere to put their own life on hold and join the fight for others.

The ‘Dreamers’ in the U.S. have been very resourceful and creative. They have not used violence; their persuasion has been through engaging groups and showing them the arguments and data that supports their claims.

On the other hand, on November 2013, students in Ukraine called for an indefinite national strike and demanded the government sign the Association Agreement with the European Union. They wanted to be a European state and not part of the Soviet Union. They were not heard. Three months later the civil protest spiraled out of control and now dozens of people are dead.

In Venezuela the street protests received a repressive response of the government and at least 15 people died, others were wounded and hundreds arrested. Are all those here and abroad being heard? They are no longer afraid!

How many times in daily life one is afraid to protest for rights, or speak out in favor of those who are not treated fairly? How many times has one been afraid of the repercussions to one’s life or family if a decision is made not to accept an unjust rule? Remember the man who decided to say no to his employers about having his staff work on Thanksgiving Day? The case was in the news everywhere, because he dared to say NO! And I am not afraid!

What is preventing us from doing the right thing? What are we afraid of?




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