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  • Edición impresa de Marzo 15, 2016.

El Puente was founded in March of 1992. At that time Indiana was the only state without a Spanish language newspaper. People were starting to arrive to Indiana attracted by the new jobs opportunities. A big change started to take place in Northern Indiana. New people were arriving everyday and there was a need for some sort of information for them in their own language.

Even though there have been Latino families in the area that had arrived twenty or thirty years before, the bulk of the population were newcomers. Most of the people came from Mexico, but also some started to arrive from Central America, and later on from everywhere, not only from Latin America, but also from other continents.

The schools, health centers, stores and other places did not have information in Spanish, or bilingual people to serve them.

El Puente began with the expectation of serving the people and also the community at large by helping understand each other in daily basis.

Many people have contributed from the beginning, and continue to do so, along with my own family, and close friends who have always been ready to serve.

At a time when many other newspapers shut down, we have continued, many times at the expense of our own time and money, but always believing that we had been called to live, learn and walk with the local community,

We are grateful to the many people who have send photos, articles, and information to El Puente.

We are also grateful to the businesses that have believe in us and continue to place their ads in the newspaper knowing that we have never missed a deadline or skipped a date.

They also know that the people read and share the newspaper.

We are grateful to the many photographers, designers and reporters from the community that at one point or another have been part of this communication effort.

We want to thank all the readers who keep picking up a copy in one of the many distribution places and sometimes even send comments about what they read.

Above all we are thankful to God. From the beginning we offered the work to the Lord, and we consider that this is His newspaper. More than once we have been through difficult times and we have been able to move on.

There are newspapers that have more money resources, technical advantages and broad marketing, nevertheless, with what we have had, we have tried to be loyal to the people we serve and we hope to work with others in creating a better place for all.

As time has passed, and more people from all walks of life are here we know that many of the younger generation are perfectly bilingual, but here once more we see the same phenomenon that happens throughout the country, the Spanish language is not becoming extinct in United States. On the contrary, as time goes by, there are more newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio stations in Spanish, and even the New York Times just this year began a publication in Spanish.

This communication adventure has been part of an entire generation, and now we are ready to work with the next generation.

We invite you to celebrate with us these 25 years of love and service. Participate in this effort and keep on sending information, concerns, photos, invitations, and all that you think we need to know each other better.

Thank you for these wonderful 25 years!




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