When First Lady Laura Bush cancelled a poetry reading at the White House for fear that it would become “a political forum,” the disinvited poets declared February 12 “National Poetry Against War Day” and asked everyone to write and read poems for peace. So some of the kids in the Bruderhof Community’s school took up the challenge. Here are some of their creations. Some of these powerful images are very moving—to the point of tears.

Refreshing poetry of eloquent young prophets ( A contribution from Clair Hostettler)


Wish of an Iraqi Child

When I look
at the purple-blue sky
at night,
I want to see stars,
not bombers,
circling in the moonlight.
I want to watch shooting stars
or comets
instead of the flare
of the crashing bombs
on the streets
out there.
Stars are the angel-bridges
of comfort - nothing should block
their light.

Avalyn Mathis, Grade 6

Peace is a Puzzle

Peace is like a puzzle,
first one piece then another.
If one piece doesn’t fit you try another.
Don’t get discouraged.
If it doesn’t work
find another one.
That’s what peace is all about,
just one step at a time.
Working slowly,
that’s what will bring peace.

Joyce Kurtz, Grade 6