God loves us so much that He is giving us new opportunities to learn and grow. With the latest world developments, people in the United States and many other places in the world have been able to recognize each other as members of a collective that have problems in common.

We have to be grateful, because millions of people on the globe had the same idea: to stop the war. This is a remarkable outcome given the dark situation that caused it.

People everywhere in the world organized and mobilized, and this awakening may be a promise of new things to come.

We have had the opportunity to see clearly the way power moves and as years go by, the consolidation of power gets stronger because we allow them to use their tools.

We have been raised with a mentality of struggle, fight, and war. It is time now to start creating more and more opportunities to exercise peace, creative living and love.

God loves all His creatures, and He gave humans creative talents. How can we use those talents to prevent evil instead of having to fight it in its own realm? How can we continue to work with others in order to strengthen a mentality of solidarity and collaboration? I imagine that is easier to win or lose a battle than trying peacemaking.

How can we invite people in our own surroundings to a dialogue, which also means to listen and be changed by others? I think we have a great new possibility open. Let’s explore new ways of communicating and working. This is the time when Christians celebrate the resurrection. Resurrection is to be ready to live again everyday. Resurrection is to be cleansed from past sins and to receive the strength to walk a different path. Let’s celebrate the resurrection of this new time!