Indiana University: Kelley School of Business

Place: Bloomington Campus

Event: Junior Executive Institute

Dates: Session I (June 16-20) and Session II (June 23-27) - Summer 2003

Cost: None.

Covered by the Kelley School of Business: Transportation from Indianapolis to Bloomington (RT), room & board, and program fees. Students need to provide personal spending money.

Requirements & Deadlines ­ As soon as possible!!! *** (see below)

THE JUNIOR EXECUTIVE INSTITUTE is an opportunity for high achieving African American, Latino/Hispanic and American Indian high school sophomore and junior students interested in or exploring the possibilities of majoring in business to experience a sample of college life.

The Institute, offered in conjunction with the IU Office of Academic Support and Diversity, includes workshops on how to apply to college, secure financial aid, manage time, take notes, and succeed in the study of business. There is an opportunity to discuss business career opportunities and the elements of entrepreneurship.

In addition, students will enjoy residence living, campus tours, cultural events, and talking with current college students.

*** REQUIREMENTS & DEADLINE: ASAP no later than April 30.

1. Completed JEI Application

2. One (1) letter of recommendation

3. 250 word essay on career/academic plans/vision

4. Official High School transcript

5. Completed Media Release and Medical Consent Forms

Contact: Marta Cruz at 812 855-2566 / or / William Lewis at 812 855-0611