My father was a great businessman. His main principle was; invest in the people, and you will have a prosperous business. His second principle was: If a business does not provide for the betterment of each one of the workers, then it is not a good business.

By investing in the people he meant; listen to them, allow for them to dream and fulfill their dreams, and most of all set them free. Even if later on they do not work for you, you still will have good friends to do business with.

As it can be imagined, this type of treatment develops trust and joy of the people to invest in a common dream.

I think that is one of the things we are losing in US. Day by day we are nurturing our own fears and developing a general climate of distrust. More and more people are resenting the way in wich the common people are losing part of their liberty under a load of new laws that bring about serious consequences for all.

Let us examine the case of the driver’s licenses in Indiana. Because the new regulations demand a social security number in order to apply for a license, that excludes many people from obtaining a valid driver’s license.

That means that everyone in Indiana is sharing the road now with people that need to work and shop, therefore need to drive and have no valid license. It also means that we are sharing the road with people that have not been tested, have no identification and no legal responsibility; even more since they have no license, they have no insurance.

If you are involved in an accident, your insurance will have to pay for it and your premiums will probably increase.

One of the arguments for the new regulation is that the driver’s license is an identification document also used for commercial purposes. According to US law there is no federal identification document because the notion of one has repeatedly been fought by citizens who believe having a federal ID would violate their privacy.

In every other country in the world a driver’s license indicates that the holder is qualified to drive according to the traffic laws of such country. So, what does the driver’s license in Indiana stand for, and who made the decisions concerning the new regulations?

There are many documented people who under the new law have permission to work, that is the case of refugees, nevertheless do not have a social security number. How can they go to work, or study?

What is our personal responsibility before this matter? Shall we look the other way until the situation gets out of hand with more and more people holding worthless fraudulent documents, or shall we share with them the well being of the country guaranteeing that way their personal investment here for the improvement of the situation of everyone involved.

After an individual has put his/her life here, working to have a house and a car, raise their children and be part of this society, do you think he/she is a likely enemy? Or, on the contrary he/she is willing to invest their treasury and their heart in a common dream?

This is a reflection about our local agenda; now, could we use the same frame of mind concerning the US relation to other countries? Other countries are resentful because of the way US has treated them. Is it not about time we reconsider how we treat others and what that breeds for us and the next generations.

Your heart is where your treasure is. If you r investment has been in material things without investing in people, then you may end up with many investments and no human support.

I urge the people in Indiana to support an effort that would give equal opportunity and responsibility to every person on the Indiana roads. Michigan is trying a new model and it is being very successful. How can we change the current regulation? Please. Get involved with others to change the local problem; maybe that will enlighten us about how to become involved in bigger decision making processes in the country.