I want to thank all the individuals that have responded to my editorials. I keep asking questions and I am under the impression that my questions have resonance with the questions and concerns of many others.

Even though the general media lead us to think that we are living a hopeless situation both nationally and worldwide, the groups of people successfully working on issues of poverty, hunger, lack of health care and other concerns give us lights of hope and affirm each one of us that something wonderful and exciting is happening every where; we just do not have the means or the media to announce it every day.

There are a lot of problems, but there also are a lot of people working on peace issues. Peace is related not only to lack of armed violence or war. Most of the time violence appears as a consequence of injustice. So when there are people trying to get food for others and housing and medical assistance and shelter from abusive situations; these people are working for peace.

There are others who are also working for peace; they are the ones trying to hand out the bread and the blankets for those in need, but also trying to create the conditions whereby the needy people can stand on their own two feet and take an active part in society.

We also need those who are trying to change the system so that adequate opportunities exist for people to grow out of systemic poverty.

That is a first step to give the fish, a second one to teach to fish, but where is the pond that they may use that is not under the control of those who have created poverty in the first place?

As I look at the many plans and programs developed to help others; I also notice the creation of continuous dependence on a system that will keep them working forever as second-class citizens of the world.

Nowadays not only the poor and the needy feel in this dependant position. Middle class people also feel trapped by their current circumstances. Prices go up everyday while their salaries do not match that increase. Politicians are not listening to their constituencies and decisions are made without the regular people having been heard.

The time has come to continue to encourage and affirm the individuals and organizations that are doing the excellent helping work for others. We have to continue affirming and empowering those who are lobbying for a better way of life for us all. Nevertheless, it is my opinion that we have to engage in conversation the vast majority who is not participating in the decision-making processes. They have not been called to the table. They are not been heard and worst of all, we don’t even know how to

approach them. The gap between the have and have-nots has become wider.

We have to be able to talk and listen to others as we gather in small groups and find the tasks that unite us.

Why is this important? We need a pond in which to fish for new dreams, new plans, and new actions. We cannot do it alone.