Tax season is over and the US budget continues to be the least talked issue in the country.

Throughout the year every worker in the United States has had their corresponding tax witheld. Notice that I say “every” worker, that includes the millions of undocumented workers who contribute to the fund but cannot get any benefit from it. Nevertheless in all the detailed accounts of moneys in the treasury one never hears about the moneys never claimed by the undocumented workers. On the other hand we are all in the same boat, that is we have no say in whatever the administration decides to do with the money.

It appears that once we contribute to the fund, our services are no longer required. From then on, the wise men that have been elected with our vote may proceed to think by themselves how much is going to be assigned to each part of the national budget. Maybe we should not fight over the expenditures, after all it is only money, but the case is that how the money is spent may bring life or death. If the budget is split as president Bush has suggested, it will mean that we will have less money for education, health, social security, research, social benefits and many other things that give a good quality of life to the residents in this country. This not only affects people here, but it also affects people everywhere else.

The truth of the matter is that if the military expenditure continues to be increased, violence and death will continue to rise at places where the military presence is contributing to war-like situations.

Once more I will refer to Colombia as a means to explain what happens to your money in the US.

The money that is going to be taken away from education and all the above mentioned items is going to be sent to countries like Colombia. Since the year 2000,Colombia has received 3.6 billion dollars of “aid”.

The wonderfully generous and very candid people of the US think that those billions of dollars are helping the people of Colombia. That is not true.

Let me explain how. 80 % of the ‘aid’ is represented in military training and arms. Both the training and the arms are paid to the US, therefore the money stays here. It’s a good business for those who are involved in the military industry but not for the Colombian people. So, the money that has not been used for life in the United States, has also caused violence and death to a country like Colombia.

If United States has more than 700 known military bases throughout the world, and is a continuous exporter of arms and military presence, is it not time to question our business and presence in other countries?

Why is it that after you elect people to government you have no say in the decisions they make? If in a private company you hire a person that does not perform according to your standards, can you fire that person? How can the people in this country begin to be a really active part of the decision making? Why is it that even though supposedly the US has the fastest and best communications means, the public is so misinformed? How can we change from a society that every day receives news about the movie stars, the scandals and other frivolous things, but that same public is never told what happens to their money?