Are you watching?

The news is full of information about the US divide over Immigration issues.

I will quote several of the positive ones here. They were taken from different sources and are the signs of hope for a lot of people that wait for favorable answers to their problems.

1- “With midterm elections looming and protests against restricting immigrants’ rights mounting, a Senate panel Monday approved a bill that would allow millions of undocumented immigrants to obtain legal status and eventual citizenship without first leaving the United States”

2- “President Bush weighed in on the issue for the third time in less than a week, attending a naturalization ceremony for new citizens near the White House. He used his weekly radio address Saturday to call for comprehensive reform and discussed the issue Thursday with policy experts and advocates”

3- “We welcome this long overdue debate. Getting it right and getting it done won’t be easy.  Immigration reform never is”.

4- “Most will agree immigration reform is needed, but the bill HR 4437 does nothing to alleviate the cause of the problem. .Instead, if we look at living conditions in these countries, we see that NAFTA has hurt the small Mexican farmers and government corruption and debt have worsened the economies of these countries”.

5” True immigration reform will address the economic policies of impoverished countries, allow families to be reunited and to pass safely across borders and will create a path to citizenship for undocumented workers who wish to stay”.

I decided not to quote the unfavorable opinions, since they have been heard for many years through every media outlet.  They are part of the unconscious identity of people raised in US.

I am glad the debate and movement over immigration policies has stirred up the thoughts of people here and abroad about the situation of the immigrant.

Those who are looking deeper are finding out the connection to trading policies like NAFTA and TLC that create poverty in other countries, and subsequent emigration towards the North.

Nevertheless, while the entire country is concentrating on the “Immigration issue” ( the scapegoat) of the economical disaster in US; I ask: Is anybody watching other issues?

Like the magicians who work an illusion and divert your eye to the most visible object, while they do the switching, thus I feel that we are not paying close attention to the military expenditure, the arms sale, the growing tension over Iran (the next war?), and above all the SUPER DEFICIT created by the war.

While we support the right thing for immigrants, keep a vigilant eye on the other hand that is making policy.

Locally, we will continue to support every effort that calls for better life for everyone who already lives and works here.  Join the thinking and acting process, and don’t forget to ask the right questions during